Our Programs

New Star Martial Arts currently offers the following programs:

Adult Karate

Our adult karate curriculum is comprised of material from several different martial arts styles. Primarily we study Okinawan kenpo and Japanese jujitsu. Other styles influencing our program are tae kwon do (for some additional kicks), judo, hapkido, Brazilian jujitsu, boxing, and aikido. Our training strategy is divided into 4 areas of emphasis: striking and kicking drills, kata, self defense, and sparring. Our goal is that each of these training areas develop equally in each student until the time comes (at advanced rank) that a student may begin to find his or her area(s) of specialization. Benefits of training in our Adult Karate class include greater flexibility, increased strength, better muscular and cardio endurance, and practical self-defense skills.

Kids Karate

Our Kids Karate program is very similar in content to our Adult Karate program. However, we understand that kids are not simply smaller versions of adults, and we have designed our curriculum specifically for kids under 13. We feel that joint locks, self defense throws, and aggressive sparring are not appropriate for most kids. So, we have minimized or eliminated those parts of the karate curriculum and replaced them with training that emphasizes flexibility, discipline, fitness, and fun!

Our jujitsu curriculum is currently integrated within our Karate program. At some point we may offer a dedicated jujitsu class.

Our weapons curriculum is currently comprised of the traditional Okinawan weapons. These weapons include Bo (Staff), Tonfa, Sai, Kama, Nunchaku, Eku (oar), and Nunte Bo. Our training strategy is divided into 3 areas of emphasis: striking and defending drills, kata, and bunkai (application) of the kata. Benefits of training in our Kobujitsu program include learning to use a traditional weapon as well as improving your power and timing.

Our K-1 class is a perfect introduction to martial arts. We strive to provide a fun, interactive, and safe environment for 4 and 5 year olds to grow, develop, and have a positive early experience with fitness and martial arts. Our curriculum incorporates developmental milestones, as defined by the Centers for Disease Control. Partnering with parents includes frequent evaluations tied to awards for the students and is a great way to stay connected with your child's development. Classes include martial arts skills, general fitness activities, and fun games.

Schedule as of January 1st, 2022

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