Welcome to the web home of New Star Martial Arts. Have a look around and see why New Star is the place for you and your family to train and achieve!

Come check us out

All of our classes are open to the public, so stop in and visit any time.

Experience That Counts

Our instructors have over 50 years of combined experience, making New Star the school you can count on for quality instruction.

Not Just A Karate School

In addition to excellent martial arts training, At New Star Martial Arts we place a high value on community, mentoring, charity, and fun.

New Star Martial Arts is a premiere martial arts school in the Lee's Summit area offering martial arts classes in several styles to people of all ages. Our programs are designed to help you become the martial artist you dream of becoming in a safe, fun and positive environment.

New Star Martial Arts offers training in three main disciplines:

Okinawan Karate is a system of martial arts primarily consisting of hand strikes, blocks, and kicks. Our curriculum includes striking & kicking drills, kata, self defense, and sparring.

Japanese Jujitsu is a system of martial arts primarily consisting of joint locks, throws, and submissions. Our curriculum includes training from punches, grabs, and the clinch.

Kobujitsu is the weapon system for Okinawan martial arts. Our curriculum includes kata with Bo (Staff), Tonfa, Sai, Kama, Nunchaku, Eku, and Nunte Bo.

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